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NCEW’s mission is:

To have a work force, whose rights are protected, which is disciplined, and is working to secure its social and economic role within society.
NCEW strives with its mission towards protecting and serving the rights and interests of all workers in Eritrea through:

square Participating and representing workers during national political, economic, social policy design and formulation and planning of programs as a watchdog of their rights as well as ensuring that workers contribute their share.
square Promoting employment focused national policy and development through which social and economic interests and justice are achieved and working to reduce rates of unemployment.
square Promoting the respect of the ILO objectives and standards to contribute towards social justice, world peace, equality and Labour Rights
square Striving to build a united workers movement without discrimination based on race, colour, political opinion, religion, creed or sex.
square Ensuring the strength and unity of workers by unionizing the un-unionized workers to join their respective Federations and the Confederation.
square Raising the awareness of workers on the workers rights as enshrined in Eritrean Labour Laws and International Standards.
square Promoting the protection of women’s rights and youth workers’ rights in respect to equal pay for equal work, equal opportunities, health and safety at work and skill development.
square Enabling workers meaningful participation in the activities and decisions of their workplaces. Creating an atmosphere whereby workers could express their voices through democratic channels.
square Upgrading workers capacity through educational programmes and seminars as a means of meaningful contribution to their workplaces.
square Uphold all forms of anti-labour activities.
square Working to achieve a proper standard for workers health and safety.
square Working for industrial peace and increased production and productivity.
square Strengthening ties with International and Regional Trade Unions and organizations for solidarity and support.
arrow white3 Food, drink and allied workers
arrow white3 Chemical, Mining and General workers
arrow white3 Service giving industries workers
arrow white3 Transportation and communication workers
arrow white3 Textile and leather workers

Five Federations

chemical     food     indusrty     textile     transport
Chemical, Mining and General workers federation     Food, drink and allied workers federation     Service giving industries workers federation     Textile and leather workers federation     Transportation and communication workers federation