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In the political, diplomatic and armed struggle it waged for over half a generation to gain its right to self-determination the Eritrea people ascertained its liberty after tackling diverse and persistent hostilities posed by the big powers.

After Eritrea’s sovereignty was ascertained, the Eritrean workers put their entire attention on reconstruction and human resources development

in order to improve the livelihoods of the population and thus registered rapid economic growth until the eve of the outbreak of the Ethiopian.

However, after the aggression carried out against the Eritrean people under the guise of a border conßict, recently sanctions have been imposed against it based on concocted charges made under the pressure of the powerful countries. At this stage when the Eritrean people, thanks to its unity and resistance, has come exposing the truth, a new accusation against Eritrea in the name of violation of human rights has been tabled since last year. This did not only stir anger among the Eritrean people and the truth loving world public, but they also conveyed their opposition through various means.

As a party to this global opposition, the National Confederation of Eritrean Workers (NCEW) submitted on 13,january 2016 an ofÞcial response to the distorted report of the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea. The submission particularly focused on matters related to the legal and human rights of workers. The full text of the NCEW submission follows below:

For Full Pdf pages please download here 

arrow white3 Food, drink and allied workers
arrow white3 Chemical, Mining and General workers
arrow white3 Service giving industries workers
arrow white3 Transportation and communication workers
arrow white3 Textile and leather workers

Five Federations

chemical     food     indusrty     textile     transport
Chemical, Mining and General workers federation     Food, drink and allied workers federation     Service giving industries workers federation     Textile and leather workers federation     Transportation and communication workers federation