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The National Union of Eritrean Workers (NUEW), today’s National Confederation of Eritrean Workers (NCEW), has had good relations since the 1980s with the InternationalTrade Union Confederation (ITUC) which embraces over 200 million workers worldwide. This organization was providing moral and political support to our liberation struggle.

An international Symposium and the 38th Regular Session of the General Council of the Organization of African Trade Unions Unity (OATUU) was held from 23rd – 25th February 2015 in the Asmara Palace Hotel and NCEW conference hall under the theme “Trade Union Reforms in Africa”

In the statement he delivered at the opening ceremony of the International Symposium in which ministers, senior official of the

The people and government of Eritrea welcome the Organization of African Trade Union Unity and all delegates to the 38th session of its General Council and the International Trade Union Symposium. It is an honour for us to host these important forums. The rights and dignity of workers and all working people in the current realities in Africa and globally as well as the role of trade unions and of international solidarity

In the political, diplomatic and armed struggle it waged for over half a generation to gain its right to self-determination the Eritrea people ascertained its liberty after tackling diverse and persistent hostilities posed by the big powers.

After Eritrea’s sovereignty was ascertained, the Eritrean workers put their entire attention on reconstruction and human resources development

arrow white3 Food, drink and allied workers
arrow white3 Chemical, Mining and General workers
arrow white3 Service giving industries workers
arrow white3 Transportation and communication workers
arrow white3 Textile and leather workers

Five Federations

chemical     food     indusrty     textile     transport
Chemical, Mining and General workers federation     Food, drink and allied workers federation     Service giving industries workers federation     Textile and leather workers federation     Transportation and communication workers federation